My coaching style

If Oprah and Sara Blakely had a baby it would be me. Wait, that’s kind of weird (okay, you got me – I’m a weirdo and proud of it). What I’m trying to say is I’m direct, to the point, yet warm, like Oprah. You will open up to me, and maybe even pull a Tom Cruise and jump on the couch. You will be amazed at how comfortable you feel in front of me. You’ll be telling me things you haven’t even told your bestie or hubby. I am also funny, sassy, creative, outside of the box and results / solution oriented like Blakely. Expect to laugh, cry, draw connections that will blow your mind, have understandings that make you go “whoaaaa” and feel like I’m your sister from another mister.

If you want to be pushed to the depths (where it’s slightly uncomfortable, but you know it’s good for you) and laugh along the way, you’ve found your coach. I am no bullshit, straight to the heart of it, get to the root of the issue and I will arm you with practical tools while also utilizing universal spiritual principles.

Are you blocking your

Innate Potential?