3 shifts to make to feel more confident TODAY

I know, you’re a badass boss babe who already feels pretty good in your own skin. Let’s get you to that next level of confidence, shall we?

1. Be aware of how you inhabit physical space
How you engage with your environment cues to others your level of confidence.

Be mindful of how you enter a room. Do you walk in like you own it? When you’re sitting down, sit down like you are meant to be in that f*cking chair, like there’s nowhere else you’re supposed to be except having your bottom make contact with that seat. How is your posture? Straighten those shoulders. Heart open, chest out, head back, chin up, swagger mode: on. What’s your tone of voice like? Are you speaking to others from your core? Or is your voice super high pitched, signaling as though you’re asking for permission just to speak? Talk with surety from your base.

2. Exercise emotional discipline
When you feel emotionally heightened or triggered, you must tell yourself this is a code red and do not respond from this place.
Instead, what you want to do is wait until you are able to come from a more balanced, emotionally neutral place. Someone sends you an email and the content pisses you off. Okay. Roger that. I get it. However, responding from a pissed off place signals to the other person that you don’t have emotional discipline and that you aren’t in control of yourself. When you feel emotionally in control, others can feel that from you as well and it signals confidence. Now to be clear, personally I’m a sensitive woman and I cry like a lil baby. Butttt, I know that it’s so much more helpful to process my emotions, reconnect with my truth, and then respond. Practice emotional discipline by pausing when you are upset and you’ll be feeling like even more of a boss.

3. Lean into your perceived flaws
We’ve got it all backwards. We think the most confident and charismatic ones are the people who are the most attractive, come off as “perfect,” have the best outfits, accessibility to the most resources, have a high professional role, most networked and so on. Wrong!

The extent of your confidence and charisma is actually dependent upon how well you are able to inhabit your perceived flaws.

What this means is you have a zit. If you’re wondering, yes I am in my 30’s and still get zits (I know, wtf!). And I have grey hairs. How can I have both at the same time? I simply do not understand! Can someone please explain this to me? Anyway, I digress. So you have a zit, and sure you can use a concealer, but you show up as if you don’t have a zit. What happens is we believe we have a perceived flaw and that impacts how we show up. It literally makes us show up with less confidence. But, it’s not the actual zit. It’s what we believe the zit represents that causes a deviation in our behavior.

The more fully you are able to accept and integrate all of your perceived flaws, versus hide them or feel shame, the more confident you become in the eyes of others, and thus, the more well received you are.

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