I’m already doing well in life, do I still need a coach?

Kobe Byrant is easily the goat of basketball, yeah? I heard him say in an interview that he was always the first on the court to practice and the last to leave. That’s why he is the g. o. a. t.! When you’re the best, you practice even more than your teammates. Ironic, I know. You would think the other guys needed the practice even more than him. But, that’s not how Kobe thought. He was smart to realize that he wanted to practice the most out of anyone. That’s what you do when you want to have that extra edge.

Of course he had innate talent, but he capitalized on that talent to the fullest. That’s why he was the first and last on and off the court. It’s about capitalizing, guys. You’re already doing well, so how can you take that and turn it into even more for yourself?

We can only get to a certain point on our own. A coach (ahem: me) helps you see your blind spots. I help you see the ways you’ve been holding yourself back and what blocks and patterns are preventing you from reaching even higher levels of development within your personal and professional life. And you’d be pretty darn surprised at the a-ha moments you will have with me. Really, that’s impacting my thought process? Yup. Or, dang I didn’t realize I was staying small with my self concept in this way. I help you see aspects of yourself that you didn’t even realize were impacting your ability to have more out of your life.


Bottom line: High achievers have coaches.

Are you blocking your

Innate Potential?