How is peak performance coaching different from life coaching?

Coaching involves three parts: examining your past, evaluating your current reality and creating your future.

I start my clients off by taking a look at their current reality and how their present life circumstance has been created from their past. Then we get to work on building out their future.

Life coaching is a generalized (and yep, super saturated) field. Peak performance is a niche within the coaching industry that has an emphasis on helping people who are already functioning at a high level, but want to function even higher.

Life coaching is for:

Someone who may be newer on the growth journey, spiritual path or values personal development. Someone who wants generalized overall support in life.

Peak performance coaching is for:

Someone who already functions well in life, yet may feel stuck or have a pattern or mental block that’s preventing them from reaching their next level (personally and/or professionally), or simply doesn’t know how to reach their next level on their own (bring in the reinforcements!). Also, someone who may be experienced with personal development, on a spiritual path, a high achiever, high performer, a leader or a driver.

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