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Hello Soulshiner!

[sol-shy-ner] noun
def: someone who shines from within

I’m Caitlin. I’m here to help you get to the root of your patterns and blocks. What makes me a different kind of life coach is I combine practical action steps with spiritual technology.

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Caitlin has helped me get to new depths inside myself. The places I knew I was capable of, but couldn’t find the way to. She shined her light so bright, showing me the way to find mine.
Caitlin has opened my life in places years of therapy could NEVER provide. From the first time I chatted with her, I knew she was a gal who would push me to a level I’ve never experienced.
I have felt more heard and validated through Caitlin’s guidance than ever before in my life. She has connected the dots between my repetitive behaviors that span a lifetime—drawing my attention to parallels that I was blind to.
Investing in working with Caitlin was one of the most rewarding choices I’ve made for myself in the last several years. Caitlin is insightful and gets to the heart of issues quickly. She helps you see the thoughts, beliefs and behavior patterns that are holding you back.
I am so grateful I found Caitlin! She is an angel in my life. She has a way of delivering wisdoms and reminders that are crystal clear and straight shots to the heart.

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  • If I’m not someone who ________ then who am I? If I’m not someone who has money issues, is single, is anxious, uses substances to numb out, isn’t pretty, has a criminal record (you’ll have to read my story for that one), dropped out of college, thinks other people just ‘have it’ and I don’t and on and on..⠀
These are all the mini identities I’ve latched onto throughout the years. ⠀
And what happens when we latch onto an identity is we begin to use it as an excuse as to why we can’t. ⠀
Why we can’t be financially abundant.⠀
Ego says ➖ Well, I just don’t even know what that would look like. ⠀
Why we can’t be relaxed and in the flow of life.⠀
Ego says ➖ I have to worry about everything because I can’t trust things will work out for me.⠀
Why we can’t be in a healthy relationship/ marriage.⠀
Ego says ➖ All I’ve known is being alone and/or toxic, chaotic dynamics so something must be wrong with me. ⠀
We’ve known this way of living for so long, that we’ve accumulated story after story in our mind to reinforce it and keep the identity locked in place. ⠀
But what if... ⠀
What if you had the courage to become curious about who you could be outside of the old identity that you’ve held onto for so long. ⠀
What if that curiosity led you to want to learn how to create a new version of who you could be? ⠀
Can you kind of envision her?⠀
Maybe it’s a bit blurry. But can you see her in the distance? ⠀
That’s your higher self, your next level you, just waiting for you. ⠀
I know what you’re thinking, “I literally don’t know how. I don’t even know where to start.” ⠀
That’s okay, because ENTER: Caitlin⠀
I feel from the deepest part of my being that I was given a lot of life challenges so that I could learn how to overcome them and then show others how to do the same. ⠀
But, it’s not just overcoming a challenge. It’s creating a new self concept of who you are. And from that place, you begin to step into a whole new world of possibility. ⠀
Join me, will you? DM me to chat. #coachwithcaitlin
  • This sounds overly simple. But the only thing thing holding you exactly where you are is the belief that’s keeping you stuck there. #coachwithcaitlin
  • Happy Entrepreneur Day! Here’s a few things I’ve learned along the way. And the biggest one of all? It takes COURAGE coupled with an unwavering belief in yourself. No one is going to advocate for yourself more than you. Celebrating my fellow entrepreneurs today! #bossmoves
  • This is such a hard one to grasp. We swear it’s our challenging situation that creates negative feelings. When in reality, it’s actually our thoughts and beliefs about the situation that creates pain versus the situation itself. #coachwithcaitlin

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