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Hello Soulshiner!

[sol-shy-ner] noun
def: someone who shines from within

I’m Caitlin. I’m here to help you get to the root of your patterns and blocks. What makes me a different kind of life coach is I combine practical action steps with spiritual technology.

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Caitlin has helped me get to new depths inside myself. The places I knew I was capable of, but couldn’t find the way to. She shined her light so bright, showing me the way to find mine.
Caitlin has opened my life in places years of therapy could NEVER provide. From the first time I chatted with her, I knew she was a gal who would push me to a level I’ve never experienced.
I have felt more heard and validated through Caitlin’s guidance than ever before in my life. She has connected the dots between my repetitive behaviors that span a lifetime—drawing my attention to parallels that I was blind to.
Investing in working with Caitlin was one of the most rewarding choices I’ve made for myself in the last several years. Caitlin is insightful and gets to the heart of issues quickly. She helps you see the thoughts, beliefs and behavior patterns that are holding you back.
I am so grateful I found Caitlin! She is an angel in my life. She has a way of delivering wisdoms and reminders that are crystal clear and straight shots to the heart.

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  • Caught this guy on his bike yesterday pause to enjoy the view. 😍 I’m with you, buddy. #viewcolorado
  • Something I have an obsession with is accessing my potential and helping others to do the same. 
Just as every seed is encoded with the potential to blossom, so are you. So why do some seeds blossom and others don’t? 
It’s because the right environmental factors are met — proper sun, nutrients in the soil, not over crowded by neighboring plants, enough water and so on. 
When the right conditions are met, blossoming is NATURAL. Now take a look at your life, are your conditions set up in a way to ensure your natural blossoming? 
This includes the thoughts you think, the habits you engage in, the people you surround yourself with, how you’re treating your body, you’re internal dialogue, etc. 
If you have a similar obsession as me, in accessing your potential and helping others to do the same, I invite you to apply to my Life Coach Training. 
Early Bird rates (save $500) go until Monday, April 22. Send me a DM and let’s chat!!
  • I heard a killer definition of success the other day — Success is the progressive realization towards a worthy goal. 🤯 So good, right?!
When it comes to progressively realizing those goals, here’s what to consider:
Am I behaving in a way that’s a match (action) and is my mindset (perception of self) in alignment with what I say I want?
In my Life Coach Training I teach you how to handle client cases in this manner.
You become the master puzzle piece put-er together-er.
Your clients hand you all of their information and then you sift through it to see if they are showing up in life in a way that is congruent to what they say they want. 
Within this framework of coaching you will learn how to identify a client’s theme, blocks, patterns, core wound and sub topics. 
This is relative to meeting goals. For example, without understanding why you keep doing the same thing over and over again (a pattern), you won’t be able to meet the goal that lives just outside of that pattern. 
Ready to learn how to apply this to yourself and then go on and coach others?? DM me to fill out an application for my Life Coach Training. 📝 
Early Bird doors close April 22. The Early Bird rate saves you $500.
  • Early on in my life coaching days I used to wear yoga pants to work. In fact, that’s a marketing tool we often see — do you want to make bank and work from home in yoga pants?? And my answer to that (now) is no, I don’t. 
We all have our own expression and there’s nothing wrong with yoga pants, of course. 
My point though is I wasn’t showing up for myself like I do today. I used to think I wasn’t that kind of woman. 
I’m not that kind of woman who can adorn herself in beautiful clothing, a great hairstyle, have the highlighter on my cheeks be on point and rock great ‘brows.
I’m not that kind of woman who wakes up at 5am, gets a workout in, meditation and reading all before work. 
I’m not that kind of woman who can grow a business from the ground up and become a top level highly sought after international life coach and speaker. 
I’m not that kind of woman who can lead a mastermind, run retreats and create a life coach training all from scratch. 
I’m not that can kind of woman who can..... ???? What are the lies you’ve been telling yourself?
Because guess what guys, I AM that kind of woman. I’m doing it.
You are that kind of woman if you are willing to take the risk of stepping outside of your perception of who you have believed you are. 
Who do you want to be? And how do you need to show up in order to be her?
What is one action step, perspective shift or mindset adjustment that you can make right now in order to become that type of woman who you’ve always wanted to be? 
I started to see myself as a leader and a BOSS. I bought a makeup tutorial at Sephora so I could learn what to do. I asked the Stylists at Anthropologie to style me out. I started setting my alarm for 5am even though I was tired as hell. I hired the best business coach I could find who works with NY Times best selling authors and another life coach who co-authored books with Louise Hay. I started taking more and risks of putting myself out there. 
So I ask you, what do you need to do to become the woman who you have always wanted to be? 
She’s already inside of you, you just have to claim her.

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