Peak Performance Coaching

Are you ready…

Cue: let’s get ready to rumbleeee song break through the barriers of your mind (and what you previously thought was possible for yourself) in order to exceed your current version?

This is what living out your peak performance is all about.

Peak: reaching the highest, greatest, maximum point
Performance: the execution of an action

Peak performance = your next level

Next level of:

  • Self concept (your internal beliefs about yourself)
  • Mindset (the established set of attitudes you hold)
  • Career advancement
  • Abundance, financial gains
  • Healthy relationships
  • Health, fitness, wellness
  • Inner peace, relaxation, calm
  • Spiritual alignment
  • Trust in life
  • Confidence
  • Reaching goals
  • Internal freedom
  • Skill development
  • Personal power
  • Leadership
  • Making boss moves
  • _____ (what’s important to you)

We start our coaching journey together by identifying what I call your existing, yet outdated story. This consists of taking a look at your current reality, where you’re at in life right now. Next, I have you identify your new story, aka what your next level looks like for you, what you’re wanting.

Put it this way, If you want something you’ve never had before, you have to tell yourself a story that’s never been told before. From this place, anything is possible. Anything? Yes, anything. You can have what you are willing to do the required work to get.

I help you bridge the gap of where you are and where you want to be.

There are mental blocks, emotional wounds, subconscious limiting beliefs and ongoing patterns that are standing in the way that must be understood, cleared out and updated.

Due to my unique approach of combining the practical with the spiritual, and the fact that I’m damn good at what I do, my clients tend to experience rapid results. 

When you’re armed with practical tools, have the right skill set sharpened, and know how to implement universal spiritual principles, you become an unstoppable force of your highest nature.

You start to show up in the world differently. And as a natural effect, you get different results.

If you’re ready for more, I’d love to coach you into your next level.

I have thoughtfully crafted a special coaching program that I’ve found to yield the highest results.

Next Level You

A 4 month transformational coaching experience

What you get:

    • Online questionnaire to fill out
    • Welcome package sent to you in the mail
    • 8 one hour long coaching sessions (phone or zoom) every other week
    • Session Summary
      This is what makes my coaching program unique. Since coaching is an intangible service, I help make it tangible for you by taking everything that we cover during each session, digesting it, summarizing it and delivering it back to you on a beautiful document with thought, precision and extreme attention to detail with sight of your overall journey in mind.
    • Session Prep Form
      This keeps you engaged in our work throughout your week, so that it becomes an entire experience, not just an hour. You use this form as an opportunity to self assess, share, celebrate, address challenges and have open dialogue with me.
    • Homework assignments
      Some universal assignments, but most will be catered to your specific coaching journey.
    • Email and Voxer access to me in between sessions
    • Accountability

Want in?

Let’s talk shop and discuss allll the deets.

Returning client?
Of course you’re back for more. I’ve got exclusive package options available just for you. VIP access only.



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