We are definitely living in strange times. Live events aren’t happening in the same way, yet virtual events are picking up steam. I am available for both.

I am a seasoned speaker who has spoken on stages, led retreats, facilitated workshops and spoken at virtual events. You can think of my speaking style as though you are just having a coffee with Caitlin.

I am known for clearly articulating my ideas through a relaxed approach that involves mic drop moments (crisp, sharp insights), storytelling and humor. This makes me extremely relatable and captivating.

If you’re looking for a speaker who’s gritty, polished, professional, edgy, funny and inspiring (and will light a fire under the buns of your audience members)…

…I’m Your Gal.

The type of audiences that I best serve include:

  • Virtual personal or professional development conferences and workshops
  • Live personal or professional development conferences and workshops
  • Guest speaking in other coaching programs
  • Leading workshops at other coaches / wellness experts retreats or events
  • Employee trainings
  • Events where you want to motivate, inspire, fire up and instill an “anything is possible” attitude
  • Or contact me for specific requests

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